Wing Chun Classes

Adult Wing Chun Class

Our students come to martial arts for many reasons. Confidence, self-defense, or something they wanted to try to help them get in shape. What they find through Wing Chun is more than just self-defense. It’s empowerment.


Wing Chun Kung Fu was originally designed by a woman. It is about learning to defend against bigger and stronger attackers. In a short amount of time a person can learn to defend themselves effectively.


At all levels students learn hand-to-hand fighting and weapons-based fighting. As students progress they learn to integrate skills in dynamic environments and against multiple opponents.

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Teens' Wing Chun Class

Teens' Wing Chun is our program for youth ages 14-18 years old.

Martial arts for teens is key to improving health, fitness, and self-confidence.

They learn the dedication and self-discipline involved in practice and study. Over-time they receive the rewards of their growth that mirrors and extends to other areas in their life, and their future.

Teaching teens martial arts through Wing Chun Kung Fu provides the frame work for all of these physical, mental and character benefits.

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Cranes Wing Chun Class

Cranes is our class for 9-13 year olds.

In this class kids begin to learn how to move their body with coordination, balance, and control. Through the practice of Applied Wing Chun kids learn self-defense, applicable martial arts, and value-based training.

Our youth program helps to develop the physical, mental, and character disciplines of our students.

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