Seminar Request

Does your group or organization require specialized training?

We offer (2) options for seminars.Ā 

Self-DefenseĀ Seminar

YourĀ schedule doesn't align with our two self-defense seminars? Ā Perhaps you'd like to schedule special one for your friends, family, or organization?

The Self-Defense seminars can be customized in length and content to help meet the needs of your organizations.Ā 


Applied Wing Chun Seminar

Curious about Wing Chun Kung Fu, the style Ip Man taught to Bruce Lee?

Set up a special seminar and learn about Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Seminar Request Contact Form

To help us learn more about your request, and how we may better to serve you please take the time to complete the form.

After we receive your form, our Academy will contact you via email to schedule a follow up phone call to discuss your request.Ā