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Developing Values in Others

values Sep 23, 2022

I think we can all agree all teachers regardless of what genre inspire their students and influence them. It doesn't matter if it's a school teacher, driver’s education teacher, basketball coach, dance teacher, or martial arts teacher. Each teacher, coach, and leader will influence those who follow them.


We've had mentors and leaders since the beginning of time. The question is does the leader positively or negatively influence their followers to become better then they are?


A solid martial arts program teaches physical movement and conditioning to build the body strong, and teaches how to defend ones self from environmental harm and harm from others. It should teach sound concepts and principles to ensure the student understands the what, why, and how to perform what they're performing. As well as to know when and where it's appropriate. The martial arts program should also instill and develop values in their students.


Why is it important to install and develop values?

Values influence our perception and attitudes. When a person is exposed to a situation or information their belief of the outcome, and how they react in that situation or to information is heavily influenced by their values. As leaders in martial arts we must first understand that our effort is first influenced by the values of those we lead. If we are striving to teach values to a student, such as dedication, discipline, compassion, etc. We must understand if the student has contradictory vales, or no solid values at all.

Teaching values to our students builds trust and respect within the school, between teacher and student, and between students and other students. The more we work to develop values in our students, the more those values will be demonstrated outside of the school in everyday life.

Teaching a child or adult “discipline” seems like a common place in martial arts. Discipline to work hard for something they want. Discipline to focus on the task at hand. This word sometimes gets a bad wrap. Parents want their kids to have discipline, and adults want to become disciplined. Other values can be put into place here that build discipline, such as commitment, dedication, honor, integrity, and moral courage. Values are explained with examples, discussed, and emphasized through training to build men and women into ethical warriors. Not just simply martial artists that today's society believe we are. A martial artists is build with the foundation of values, and it starts with the leader of the school.


A leader's role in developing values is understanding that values are the bench mark of leadership. As leaders it's our purpose to be the example of the values we want to influence in others. We do this by rewarding and commending behavior that embodies the values we hold true.

At our school, our core values include: cohesion, commitment, compassion, continuous learning, empathy, fitness, honor, humility, and positivity.


At Gibborrim Academy of Martial Arts we work daily to demonstrate these values to our students in and out of the school. We then praise our students when we see them demonstrate the behaviors that align with our values.


Are you seeking out teachers who emulate the values you want for yourself or your child?

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