Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu

We help ambitious adults master self-defense, boost fitness, and nurture mental and emotional health through Master Duncan Leung's Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu. We also offer youth and teen Wing Chun classes. Join us for a transformational journey! #WingChun #SelfDefense #Fitness #MentalHealth

Located in O'Fallon, Illinois.

Metro-East Only Applied Wing Chun school.

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Gibborrim Academy of Martial Arts is led by SiFu Roberts, retired U.S. Marine, Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor-Trainer, proudly upholding the traditions, teachings, and legacy of the International Applied Wing Chun Federation. We teach martial arts to grow confidence and discipline, and promote health through mental, physical, emotional, and social fitness.

SiFu Roberts believes in preserving the art of martial arts as a way of living that keeps the body strong, the mind sharp, emotions balanced, and promotes community togetherness.

Through practice, improvements are observed in motor skills, balance, coordination, and awareness of what's happening around you.  Through training the body is conditioned for improvements in strength, endurance, power, and speed.  Frequent conversations on values and character development and tune our moral compass to develop compassion for ourselves and others, and to offer a hand of help.

Our students learn a true understanding of what it means to protect themselves from harm, and be able to do so for others. More so they learn how their mind and spirit is the strongest weapon they have.

Our Martial Arts kwoon is a sacred place for personal development, growth, and prosperity that fosters good health and longevity.

Sifu Roberts' aims to embody the spirit of martial arts, and develop that Way of true martial artist in each of his students, so they can obtain the highest quality of life and health.

Disclaimer: We do not train individuals for professional fighting, titles, or other matches. Students learn real martial arts, with a deeper understanding of self-defense, discipline, and warrior spirit.

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We offer classes for Adults, high school age teenagers, and middle school and pre-teens. 

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Student Feedback

Joe B.

"Sifu (instructor) Ken Roberts is a wealth of knowledge, patient but pushes you, to continually improve."

Lydia H.

"The teaching is extremely high quality and is scaled to each individuals' ability."

Bob W.

"If you are serious about learning a martial arts then this place is for you."